JaxHoops.net is the home of Coach Mike Gillespie’s school of basketball. Coach Gillespie has been in basketball for over 55 years as a player and a coach. He has coached players of all skill levels from beginners to NBA players. His unique style of coaching helps his players learn and never forget that basketball is a game to be enjoyed. Our goal will always be to have your child gain a deep respect to play the game the Right Way and strive to become the best possible player they can.

If your son or daughter is serious about basketball and would like to take their game to the next level, then the individual training program Coach Gillespie can provide is the next step you want to take. In many basketball programs in town, the coaches spend the majority of the time coaching the team, and little time is left for individual development. Coach Gillespie’s one on one or small group training sessions can provide skills and knowledge to improve their game. He knows what it takes to be successful at each level, and will make sure your child is practicing the skills needed.